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The Pains of Working on the Go: Mobile Office Ergonomics

The way we work is changing. Every year, more companies are trashing their desktop computers and giving laptops to their employees. By 2022, almost half of the world's workforce will be working 'mobile' or 'remotely' (Source: IWG). Chances are, you already work from a laptop. So what's wrong with this? Lots, actually...

In terms of ergonomics, a laptop is naturally flawed in many ways. By design, a laptop has it's screen right up against the keyboard. A quick look at the picture above, and it's obvious why this is a problem.

The most comfortable position for a computer screen is just below eye level. If the screen is too high, or too low (as seen above), serious bodily pain can occur. This pain comes from holding an unnatural position in your neck, shoulders and back. Your neck wants to remain upright, but you must crane it forward to see the screen. If left unchecked, this leads to pain, stiffening, tension, and even injury that can put a halt to your work entirely.

Fortunately, there are practical solutions available. Laptop stands have been developed which raise the height of the screen to eye level. However, this also raises the height of the keyboard...

Photo Credit: Premika Leo

If you've ever held your arms in this position for even an hour, you'll know it hurts. So it's clearly not practical for the keyboard to be that high. What we need is a way to raise the screen, whilst keeping the keyboard on the desk. To do this, you'll need an external keyboard and mouse.

Photo credit: Alessandra Cimatti

Looks like we finally got it! With a setup like this, your arms can hang comfortably by your side, while your neck stays upright looking at the screen in front of you.

If you're interested in setting up your own mobile workstation for proper ergonomics, contact Hazblock - we're always ready to help!


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