Ergonomics Assessments

Hazblock's ergonomic consultant has provided services to clients for dozens of projects, including the following:

  • Sit-Stand Workstation Retrofits

  • Office Ergonomics Assessments

  • Computer Workstation Assessments

  • Manual Material Handling Assessments

  • Ergonomics training for staff to prevent injuries

Mould and Moisture Assessments

An experienced inspector can confirm the presence of mould and moisture. Hazblock's consultant has conducted dozens of inspections including:

  • Flood investigation for moisture (post-flood)

  • Moisture Mapping of walls, floors, carpet, and ceilings

  • Thorough inspection for visible mould (intrusive or non-intrusive)

  • Air testing for mould (Spore-trap)

  • Surface testing for mould (laboratory analysis)

  • Providing recommendations for mould removal (CCA and EACO guidelines)

Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Indoor air quality problems can lead to occupants feeling tired and ill. You can count on Hazblock's experience with the following assessments:

  • Unknown Odours - Identification & Assessment

  • Dust measurement

  • Fresh-air circulation assessment

  • Temperature and Humidity Assessment

  • Gas and Occupational Hygiene Assessments

Hygiene & Safety Policy Consulting

Hazblock offers a full spectrum of occupational hygiene services and policy development services:

  • Hygiene testing: noise, gas, confined space, radiation, dust, heat/cold, and exposure testing

  • Policy Development - Hazblock can create the customized documents that work best for your organization, while meeting all legal requirements

2019 Hazblock Safety Consulting

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