REACH - Remote Ergonomics Assessment and Compilation of Hazards

What is a REACH evaluation?

  • REACH is an advanced method which allows anyone to receive an expert office ergonomics assessment by distance

  • REACH was developed by Hazblock, to enable companies to quickly obtain ergonomics assistance around the world, without needing to bring a specialist to their site

  • All REACH evaluations are conducted by an Ergonomist recognized by the CCCPE

  • Most assessments can be offered at a Flat Rate of $75 USD ($100 CAD) per assessment 

How does REACH work?

  1. A company identifies a need for an ergonomics assessment of a workspace or job (i.e. office desk, cubicle, or workstation)

  2. Company contacts Hazblock using the online form (below) and provides a description of the job and tasks

  3. Hazblock certified ergonomist (AE) requests photos and/or video of the employee(s) working. Hazblock provides a procedure to take the photos & videos using a smartphone. Photos can be taken by the employee themselves, their colleague, or manager

  4. Photos and/or videos are submitted to Hazblock via Cloud service.

  5. Hazblock certified ergonomist analyzes the photos & video using the REACH method, and provides a professional report (see sample report) with recommendations to the company within 48 hours

REACH Request

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